Hilary White Digital Media & Consulting | About

Hilary White designs digital media campaigns focused on art, architecture, technology and sustainability for projects that connect people, communities and organizations to spark positive change. She collaborates with web, communications and fundraising teams to expand audiences for live events, viewing and support. Her services include visual and editorial branding; strategy and content creation for emails, blogs and digital media content; outreach to partners, sponsors, donors and audiences; social media community management, posting live on social media at events; and delivering comprehensive analytics reports.


Future of Cities: Leading in LA, a nonprofit organization that envisions cultivating and sustaining innovative leadership in Los Angeles

Wildflowering L.A., a public initiative that brought wild and beautiful seasonal native gardens to open plots of land throughout Los Angeles County

Hack For LA, the largest civic hackathon in Los Angeles, which brings public and private sectors together to solve complex social problems through technology innovation

Green Patriot Posters, a multimedia campaign that brings together the strongest contemporary graphic design promoting sustainability and the fight against climate change which has reached over 5 million people through print media, public space and digital culture.

Clients Include:

New Economy Campaigns, a full-service digital agency that drives business and social impact through multi-platform campaigns

LAND, Los Angeles Nomadic Division, a non-profit organization committed to curating site-specific public art exhibitions in Los Angeles and beyond

Zefrey Throwell, a Brooklyn-based artist whose projects are rooted in astute social criticism

Canary Project, a nonprofit organization that produces art and media to deepen public understanding of human-induced climate change

New Theme, a green design-build firm that seeks to redefine the boundaries of the architectural field and the broader applications of design and construction.