Green Patriot Posters book published by Artbooks DAP.

Green Patriot Posters book published by Artbooks DAP.

I started working on a fantastic project, Green Patriot Posters, a short documentary about art and climate change.

I do outreach and interactive public relations campaigns for socially engaged businesses so I was immediately attracted to this project. I jumped on board to complete a Kickstarter with an immediate goal was to get $5,000 worth of pledges by Sept. 2nd, 2011.

I was very excited because Green Patriot Posters is a global campaign that incorporates art, film, books, music, and fashion. It involves causes I truly believe in like sustainable travel, filmmaking and alternative green methods for day-to-day living.

It was also a great opportunity for me to do what I am most passionate about: creating for social change.

  • Generated buzz via email, social media and word of mouth to potential donors
  • Completed the Kickstarter campaign and raised $5,000 in one week
  • Got top ranking in Google search
  • Built our online community with increased Facebook fans and Twitter followers
  • Increased engagement on social media platforms by over 50%
  • Participated in a dialog with top influencers in art and climate change
  • Increased media coverage on targeted blogs and websites
  • Demonstrates Green Patriot Posters valuable contribution to the environmental movement
  • Continued filming and participation (as the sole representative from the U.S.) in Project Green, an environmental conference in Stockholm

What’s Green Patriot Posters about?

It follows the story of an environmental art campaign that took place at 8 bus shelters in San Francisco in December 2010. It has evolved as part of a multi-media design campaign that encourages all U.S. citizens to take part in building a sustainable economy. It’s already reached 4-5 million people through a poster book, bus ads, billboard campaigns, museum exhibitions, and media coverage.

It also provides a great way to learn about sustainability and join a global community of artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, publishers, environmental experts, activists, and every day citizens advocating for social change.