The LA Art Show is premiering a special installation/performance piece by Jana Cruder, an LA based fine artist exploring themes of sexuality, gender roles, media constructs, and human relationships with the environment and technology. The Way of Modern Man, presented by the Do Art Foundation, poses the question “When our attention is on the small screens, how does our psyche inhabit our flesh?”

Volunteer participants enter an isolation /observation booth and spend about 30 minutes in a private session with the artist. The subject is alone with only a single chair, his or her mobile device and their clothes. They cannot see outside the booth. Communication between the subject and the artist takes place exclusively via text message, with Cruder outside the enclosure, not visible or audible to the subject or the audience. Clothes are all or mostly removed, allowing for better study of postural changes.

Cruder worked with a sociologist and psychologist to develop the questions so she could adopt a more scientific methodology to measure emotions and physicality against each other. The final images are presented in a series of back lit panels, whose light box qualities recreate the luminosity of a smartphone itself. So come watch or participate in this one of a kind experience from Jan. 27-31 at the LA Convention Center (Booth 145).