Urban Planning

Urban Planning, Redevelopment Project in Los Angeles

(NOTE: Renderings are used as examples only. Courtesy of Koning Eizenberg | Published in Santa Monica Next)

From July 2013 through August 2016, I worked for New Economy Campaigns, as Social Media Consultant for a group that supports the responsible redevelopment of an important site in the Los Angeles area. The site is known for its landmark status, vibrant history and magnificent views. This multi-million dollar project has great potential value to thousands of residents, community leaders, environmental activists, housing advocates, business people and visitors who live, work and travel to this location. Key components of the project include: LEED certification, world-class architectural and landscape design, open space, affordable housing, and increased parking, jobs and revenue for the city.

I collaborated on branding and website development; writing and curating editorial and visual content for blogs, emails and social media; creating digital media ads; and strategy and management of ad buys. I served as community manager on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and provided comprehensive monthly analytics reports, including Google analytics. I attended events to help coordinate outreach efforts; took photographs, did live posting on social media and curated images by professional event photographers to share with our online community.

In addition, from July 2014 through August 2015, I was Social Media Consultant on a second redevelopment project in Los Angeles, valued at $2 billion. I worked in the same capacity on this project as the one mentioned above. I contributed to utilizing social media to connect online supporters to real time events and converting people who liked our pages on Facebook to being pro-active supporters of our initiatives.