man in pink pants passes by a mural in Filipino town @Hilary White

man in pink pants passes by a mural in Filipino town @Hilary White

I’m making a street photography book about art in public spaces as well as the massive anti-Trump protests and rallies in Los Angeles happening now at this turning point in history. The entire world is witnessing the least popular president-elect in U.S history take office on January 20, 2017. Also, Los Angeles is undergoing major change. Car culture is making way for public transportation, pedestrians and cyclists, as corporations build giant malls and colossal skyscrapers.

One of my photographs “Mural Madness” was just selected for Los Angeles Center of Photography’s Third Annual Street Shooting online gallery starting in late January. This mural was commissioned by the city, and as street art has increased in value, painted walls have become sought-after destinations for filmmakers and photographers.

I’m looking to shoot more content for my book. I’d like to meet people who want to be photographed and are working on projects that involve:

  • Public art projects that are being designed or are currently on display
  • Interactive art exhibitions in which audiences participate in the project
  • People making banners, signs, and art for public protests
  • Public rallies and protests related to the election

Please call me with referrals at 310-625-1608 or email me at

This project was originally designed for Art of Freelance in conjunction with Street Shooting one at Los Angeles Center of Photography.